Jabberwocky Bookstore in Newburyport Hosts Author Cheryl Richardson

The first author reading of the year in Newburyport is timed perfectly with many New Year’s resolutions. Prioritizing what matters.

Jabberwocky Bookstore is delighted to celebrate with Cheryl Richardson the publication of her latest book – Waking Up In Winter: In Search of What Really Matters at Midlife.

The event will take place Friday, January 5th, at 7 pm at the Old South Presbyterian Church, 29 Federal St. Newburyport, (one block up from the bookstore.)

Cheryl is an internationally recognized coach and New York Times bestselling author who has toured the world empowering others to make lasting change.

Her journey for authenticity started when her own life no longer worked as it once had.  That persistent inner voice we all have, offered unmistakable guidance, and she listened.  It was time to reevaluate, and to uncover what really mattered to her.

Waking Up in Winter is the candid and revelatory account of how, at midlife, Cheryl found renewed contentment and purpose through a heroic, inward journey. The unfolding story follows her from the first gentle nudges of change to a thoughtfully reimagined life–a soulful spring awakening.

With an experienced coach’s intuition and an artist’s eye, she reexamines everything–her marriage, her work, her friendships, and her priorities–gracefully shedding parts of the self that no longer serve along the way. In the end, she not only discovers what really matters at midlife, but she invites us to join her in the process by providing thought-provoking questions designed to usher us through our own season of transformation.

This will be a ticketed event at $5, with the profit from the ticket sales going to the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center for Women. The cost of the ticket will be applied to the price of any book purchased at the event, and Cheryl will be signing these copies at the event.






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