Maudslay Park Celebrates Halloween 2017

Maudlay’s halloween weekend is October 21 and 22 from 2-4pm.

Dragons, Daenerys, Batman and Wonder Woman. Trump, Heffner and Pelosi. Tracking the top costumes each year is an interesting exercise in pop culture trends. Whether you are going to the Hawthorne Hotel or a home party, celebrating with dress up is an interesting way to stay ‘young at heart.’  We all need a bit more of that this year.

Maudslay Park’s annual halloween weekend, with skits done by the wonderful Theater in the Open, ( always does it right.  In fact it has become so popular the lines to get in are larger and larger.

That is ok, we will just have to add another few days.  The price of entry ($7-plus parking) goes to a great cause.  Don’t miss it this year.


For more information see: Theater in the Open

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