National Stories

Do you Want Your Daughter to Break the Last Glass Ceiling? Me Too.

"Just pray to God.  She will help you."  Alva Vanderbilt Belmont, 1916, President of the National Women's Party, and the founder of the Political Equality League. After working as a key player in the Woman's Suffrage movement, and seeing some success in the form of the 19th amendment in 1920, … [Read more...]

Visiting Our New World Trade Center and Its Memorial

If you visit Manhattan this year be sure to stop at One World Trade Center (also 1 WTC), and the Freedom Memorial.  It is important both to remember, and to educate future generations of the horrors of war, and the ongoing quest for peace. One WTC refers to the primary building of the new World … [Read more...]

What is Workplace Satisfaction

In the 90's work for the most part was plentiful for almost everyone despite your education level. Companies were proud of their training programs for new hires, many paid for employees to further their education, it was a seller's market and employees were calling the shots demanding flex time and … [Read more...]

The Lessons and Legacy of Nelson Mandela

In his 95 years with us Nelson Mandela was given the various titles of revolutionary, lawyer, philanthropist, President, husband, and grandfather. He was South Africa's first black president and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election. Challenging the status quo is never … [Read more...]

Renewable Energy’s Slow but Steady Ascent

If your father or brother was a devout Roddenberry fan, it most likely helps you to envision a better future world over the horizon. A functional United Nations. The switch from fission to fusion technologies. Cleaner and renewable sources of energy for our buildings and various means of … [Read more...]

Surveillance, Big Brother or Necessary Evil

The original composers of our Constitution had some serious reasons to question government authority.  Old world monarchs flagrantly used taxation, threats and questionable legal practices to fill coffers and live extravagant lives. Founding fathers saw first hand how power could breed … [Read more...]

What do Elizabeth Warren and Trader Joe Have in Common

As consumers in greater Newburyport we have more power than you can imagine. Retailers are fighting for our loyalty and visits and perhaps we should spend a little bit more time thinking about what business policies are sustainable for both the environment and for people. When Elizabeth Warren … [Read more...]

Controlling Education Costs

During the several years I spent as a university dean in Europe, part of my job was to manage costs.   Tuition levels there are a fraction of what U.S. universities charge, but we did just fine.  Our infrastructure was simpler and focused on education and need.  Sports budgets were proportional to … [Read more...]

Of Telecommuting and Momtrepreneurs

Newburyport is home to a large group of well educated, over-achieving parents who are trying to find a balance between raising their families, paying the mortgage and staying sharp in their fields. Recently Marissa Mayer's decision to put a halt to telecommuting at Yahoo sparked a fire-storm of … [Read more...] is the property of HappyInNewburyport, LLC