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Amazing Collars for Newburyport Pets

Like everyone else, we hate to see any pet become lost or missing.  Fourth of July fireworks, chasing a squirrel or thunder can cause unforeseen separation and the many posters on telephone posts tell the story after the fact. We stumbled upon this great website and think these collars are great, … [Read more...]

Looking For a PET Photographer in Newburyport?

Brian Brown is an amazing pet photographer (and photographer in general) who is frequently in Newburyport with his Newfie muse Skyla. His poetic work really speaks for itself. The fact that he loves Newfies is a great character reference. Check out his website to see more shots and for more … [Read more...]

Grumpy Cat Gets Movie Deal

File under...strange cat stories. Yes, the cat that launched a thousand Internet memes is getting her own Lifetime original movie. Grumpy Cat is set to star in a new Christmas special for the network fondly titled "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever."  The naturally frowning feline, who's made … [Read more...]

Best Pet Accessories 2013

Pet toys, beds, collars and safety devices are big business and interesting items to consider. They don't need much besides good food and shelter, but unconditional love should not go unrewarded occasionally by a tasty treat or new item to stimulate their senses and keep things … [Read more...]

NH Pet Expo in Portsmouth Nov 9

The Natural Dog of Newburyport and Portsmouth will be one of many sponsors for the November 9, NH Pet Expo. This all day event will include indoor and outdoor events such as an agility show, costume show and bird exhibitions.Families are encouraged to bring their pets and the NH SPCA will … [Read more...]

The Clay Cat Litter Question

The argument of which pet is better, a dog or cat, usually comes down to how much time the owner has to dote on their housemate. There are benefits to both pets and the most important thing is which one best compliments your personality or your household's. Indoor cats are very self sufficient … [Read more...]

Does Your Newburyport Dog Look Bored Lately

  We have all seen those amazing Border Collies running through obstacle courses on TV. It's no surprise their tails are wagging the whole time. Fit-N-Trim is a premier training facility in Rowley, MA (about 15 minutes from Newburyport) which provides a large range of classes for … [Read more...]

Lauren Slater Author of The $60,000 Dog At Newburyport Literary Festival

On Saturday, April 27, as part of the Newburyport Literary Festival, Lauren Slater will speak about her recent book  The $60,000 Dog, which addresses the contribution animals make to the human experience. Mrs. Slater is the author of six books, including Welcome to My Country, Lying: A Metaphorical … [Read more...]

Green Cleaning for Humans Can Still Sicken Newburyport Pets

The following article provides important useful tips and information about cleaning products' affects on our pets, and Newburyport being such a pet-friendly town, we thought it worth re-publishing here. As we all start to become more aware of the toxicity of cleaning and laundry products for … [Read more...]

Pet Training With Calm and Assertive Energy

All pet lovers in Newburyport are familiar with Cesar Milan aka the "Dog Whisperer". If you really listen to his animal training advice you will find yourself wondering if he could also moonlight as a motivational speaker.  There is usually an "aha" moment where you realize that you need to take … [Read more...] is the property of HappyInNewburyport, LLC