2018 Yankee Homecoming Brings Community Spirit and Temporal Unity

Yankee Homecoming

The theme for this year’s Yankee Homecoming is “Celebrate  Seaport  Pride” ~

It is the committee’s hope to encompass the rich maritime history, charm, and recreational offerings of Newburyport, while also shining a light on the community pride and commitment so many Newburyport residents share.

This year’s planners look forward to bringing both  “old and new” together so that residents, our neighboring towns and visitors alike will feel the same sense of community they cherish.  This will also be done with an eye to the future, in order to help Yankee Homecoming grow and flourish in the years to come.

From July 28th through August 5th, there will be numerous activities organized for all to enjoy.

Most awaited are the wonderful Yankee Waterfront Concerts held each night along the Merrimack River.

Other events include Family Day at Maudslay Park, Olde Fashioned Sunday, Kayak & Paddle Board Race, Brewfest Fundraiser, Art and Craft Shows, Kids Talent Show, YH Road Race, Mattress Parade, and of course the always awesome fireworks display to end the festivities.

Special events celebrating Newburyport’s history have grown to include guided walks of the old burying grounds, tours of historic homes, and explorations of the city’s maritime heritage.

A special thank you to all YH volunteers.

These events can only happen with the participation and support of the many volunteers who graciously give their time to help create this incredible celebration each July into August.

Yankee Homecoming

Yankee Homecoming Road Race

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