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Boston Flower Show

April Means Books are Blooming in Newburyport

Although spring may be taking its time coming to Newburyport, it will certainly be invading the Newburyport Public Library on April 5th, the night of the 3rd annual Books-In-Bloom Fundraiser. … [Read More...]


Newburyport Musical Chairs A Bird’s Eye View

As a freelance artist/writer, I spend an awful lot of time working from local coffee shops (and pubs). Through fly-on-the-wall osmosis and old-fashioned eavesdropping, I hear the varied (but often … [Read More...]

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Earth Port Film

Visit Newburyport Firehouse For London Calling and EarthPort Film

Our Firehouse Theater is the cultural heart and soul of Newburyport. The popular and long running Literary Festival and Documentary Film Festival both benefit from the use of this historic landmark … [Read More...]


Literary Festival and Actors Studio Celebrate Newburyport’s 250th

Since its creation, Newburyport has enjoyed an amazing history of celebrated orators, journalists, authors and poets. Friday, April 25th will open the 9th annual Newburyport Literary Festival at the … [Read More...]


Jabberwocky Author Series at Newburyport Tannery

As a lead in to our favorite Literary Festival, Sue at Jabberwocky has lined up a great list of authors to meet and greet. It can be a wonderful experience to see and hear your favorite author or … [Read More...]

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Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 10.55.05 AM

Nominate Your Company for Globe Top Places To Work

If you are happy with your company and want to share the news, you have until May 23, to nominate them for the Globe's "Top places to work" annual listing for 2014. Last year's top honors went to … [Read More...]

Screen shot 2014-04-19 at 12.51.27 PM

Art for Adults “A World of Glass” at Boston’s ICA

At Boston's Institute for Contemporary Art, March 19-July 6 -"A World of Glass" Trying to make sense of chaos....."A World of Glass" is an exhibit containing 193 sculptures and four video … [Read More...]


Maine Root Celebrates Ten Years – Answers Our Ten Questions

Maine Root has created a successful formula for a new type of soft drink. Brothers Matt and Mark have developed a better tasting cola using organic ingredients and following Fair Trade … [Read More...]

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Fight Fifteen

What is Workplace Satisfaction

In the 90's work for the most part was plentiful for almost everyone despite your education level. Companies were proud of their training programs for new hires, many paid for employees to further … [Read More...]


The Lessons and Legacy of Nelson Mandela

In his 95 years with us Nelson Mandela was given the various titles of revolutionary, lawyer, philanthropist, President, husband, and grandfather. He was South Africa's first black president and … [Read More...]

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