Parents Corner

Start a Newburyport Playground Crawl

You've done a pub crawl, but have you ever taken the kids for a playground crawl? There will be no beer or wine on this crawl. Gone are the days of stumbling from one Irish pub to the next. We have kids. We have mortgages and schedules and responsibilities.  There is just no time to be *that* … [Read more...]

What Newburyport Mothers Really Want for Mother’s Day

Moms melt when our kids give us homemade cards and shower us with hugs and kisses on Mother’s Day. But what do we really want for Mother’s Day? I’ve been a Mom for ten years now. A day doesn’t go by that I don't celebrate being a Mom. For me, Mother’s Day is every day. I’m grateful to have the … [Read more...]

Celebrating Readers and Writers in Newburyport

For book lovers, literary festivals are akin to music festivals. Live discussions, readings, and conversations with those who inspire us with the written word are often a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Newburyport Literary Festival is just that, taking place in our historic city for its … [Read more...]

For 2016 Greater Internet Safety in Newburyport

The Internet suddenly became scary when we had kids. They can see and read anything with just a few clicks. Once they do, we can’t take it back. Images and words are so powerful. I know I can’t shelter my daughters from everything, but it is my job as a parent to help them find their way — … [Read more...]

Simplifying Holiday Traditions in the Port

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” But is it? The holidays create so much extra stress layered on top of already busy lives. We search for the perfect gifts, decorate to the nines, angst over the perfect holiday card photo, host and attend numerous holiday parties. It’s … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks and Choosing Gratitude in Newburyport

November plants the seed of thanks in all of our minds because of Thanksgiving Day. It’s easy to say, “thank you” and be thankful for all of the goodness around us.  But let’s go a little deeper this month and be grateful.  Gratitude is a way of being that’s different from giving thanks in one … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Safe and Fun Fall in Newburyport

Newburyport is magical in October and November. The air is chilly and crisp. Leaves crunch against the brick sidewalks as you walk through the city streets.  Hay bales and scarecrows dress State Street.  Crowds of people with hot beverages in hand pop into shops and restaurants. Halloween is … [Read more...]

Will You Savor Newburyport this Fall

Schedule the babysitter or dog-sitter.  Savor Newburyport starts on Thursday, September 17th! From fitness classes to late night snacks, book signings to 3 course meals, this inaugural 10-day event has something for everyone.  Seriously though, they had me at eat, shop, and exercise. … [Read more...]

Slowing Down The Summer in Newburyport

Summer is always a highly anticipated time of year for us New Englanders. After such harsh winters, we passionately look forward to three months of sun and fun.  At times, we put so much energy into making every summer the best summer ever -- packing the calendar with places to go and things to … [Read more...]

Going Green with Organic Gardening in Greater Newburyport

I like the idea of gardening, just not the digging your hands in dirt with worms part. Frankly, gardening can stress me out. Am I overwatering? Why is the plant turning brown? Did I plant it deep enough? Too close? Is this a good bug? Bad bug? But I love food! And I love a gorgeous … [Read more...] is the property of HappyInNewburyport, LLC