humor: |ˈ(h)yoōmər| ( Brit. humour)

1 the quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech : his tales are full of humor. See note.
• the ability to perceive or express humor or to appreciate a joke : their inimitable brand of humor | she has a great sense of humor.

2 a mood or state of mind : her good humor vanished | the clash hadn’t improved his humor.
• archaic an inclination or whim.

3 (also cardinal humor) historical each of the four chief fluids of the body (blood, phlegm, yellow bile [choler], and black bile [melancholy]) that were thought to determine a person’s physical and mental qualities by the relative proportions in which they were present.

Firehouse Theater Resident Artist Program in Newburyport

The firehouse features an exciting new artist each month.  Stop in and then order an app at Sea Level next door.  We recommend the fish chowder and house chard. Chloё Feldman Emison has shown her drawings and animations widely in the United States and Europe, while working also as an … [Read more...]

Of Perfection, Holidays, and a New Year in Greater Newburyport

Pondering the Problem with Perfect Christmas Trees.   It never fails. Every Christmas I try to get a perfect tree and every Christmas it falls short.  If you saw it you might not think so.  The tree I select is always perfectly shaped, (or as perfect as trees can be); full in all the right … [Read more...]

The Actors Studio Serves Up a Spicy Treat

-Impossible Marriage-, they all are occasionally.  Playing through October 22 at the Actors Studio in the Tannery Marketplace.  Written by Beth Henley, Impossible Marriage is a witty and insightful play full of lush human landscapes. The playwright is best known for her play, Crimes of the Heart, … [Read more...]

Newburyport Outdoor Movies in August 2017

Fun for all ages on the waterfront.  Not many things could be better than watching a movie OUTSIDE on Waterfront Park.  It harkens back to nights at the drive-in back in the day....but you are not separated by the rows of station wagons. Visit the new SeaLevel restaurant....see some art at the … [Read more...]

The Sweet Secret Sauce of Paint Nights in Greater Newburyport

I’m a creative soul. I taught myself to sew in 8th grade and have made everything from curtains to christening gowns.  I taught myself to knit just because I thought it would be fun.  Once, I taught myself how to reupholster a wing chair  thinking, “How hard could it be?” Later on I … [Read more...]

One Point of View Looking forward to Spring and the Crocuses

After months of anger, self-reflection and the realization that I have to calm down in order to survive the next four years, I have come to a conclusion. Yes, I have discovered a philosophy that will guide my behavior and activism over the next four years. Admittedly, I am one of the millions … [Read more...]

Getting Through the Holidays After an Ugly Election

I’m not doing a very good job calming down after this election. I have walked away from the news to find some semblance of control over my emotions (my husband calls them outbursts). Every day I hope that some crevice of light will break through the fear that is stalking me, but nothing yet. I … [Read more...]

Love Shakespeare in the Park See Twelfth Night in NBPT

Admission: This show free to the public. Dates: Saturdays and Sundays July 18 – 26 and August 8 – 16 Time: 4:00 pm Location: Maudslay State Park -------------------------------------------------------- Follow the Theater in the Open flags from the Maudslay parking lot. Allow ten … [Read more...]

Spring Cleanup……Musings by Deb Chiaravalloti

“It’s spring Boo Boo!” said Yogi Bear. Yeah whatever. What did he know? Bears are supposed to hibernate. They are supposed to build up fat to survive the winter, and grow hair too. It’s what they do. It’s their look! So what’s with the Yogi I found in the mirror when the calendar declared it was … [Read more...]

Welcome Back Bears and Baseball

.......both out of hibernation! Visit the NewYorker Cartoon Caption Contest for a smile-break. NewYorker Cartoon Contest … [Read more...] is the property of HappyInNewburyport, LLC